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Gone are the days of wearing your partners t shirts or mismatched pjs to bed. These days is all about colour, style, bold patterns and most importantly comfort.

Here at The Vow Sleepwear we are leaders in the market while still producing small quantities. We have incredible and unusual designs along with a few classic sets that our customers love.

Here are sleepwear trends that you will see this 2023.

  1. Bold patterns are a must. Pops of colour are going to be big this year. Think fun, celebrating, excitement, its time to invest in a pair that make you want to dance & have a glass of champagne. Or a cup of tea.

  2. Feathers not just for brides. Last year we saw an incredible influx of wedding parties with the newest sleepwear trend however now they are for anyone wanting to feel a little luxurious or literally feel beautiful. Great for a romantic weekend away or with the girls..

  3. Pockets are a must. With how much we multi task these days we literally need to have our phones close, along with a place to store our lip balms and other essential items. They make our lives a little bit easier.

  4. Nighties are making a massive comeback.. During covid pjs were the go to for sleepwear but with more of us going travelling or wanting to feel a bit more feminine these are our go to.

  5. Flowers are going to be this years biggest design. The most beautiful colours and delicate flowers all in one print. When they come together they are incredibly stunning and let alone fun. We want some!!

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